100 Park Markets Stallholder Information and Application Form

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 100 Park Markets (the 'Markets').

The 100 Park Markets is Mareeba's newest Market featuring a curated line-up of stalls of local designers, makers, artisans, producers, food and drink and sustainable slow fashion. The Market concept is to ‘meet the maker’; makers who are willing to personally attend the Markets, to meet the customers who want to know about the products and the production process.

Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc (the 'Organiser'), trading as the Mareeba Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre, operates the 100 Park Markets in Centenary Park, Mareeba, as a fundraising initiative to support the Mareeba Heritage Museum.

The 100 Park Markets welcomes applications from stallholders that provide for the needs of the community, ranging from fresh food to the provision of goods and services.  And that celebrate everything local, seeking to share their gifts and promote positive messages to our visitors.

All products and services for sale must comply with categories and criteria set out in the ‘Stallholders Terms and Conditions’ and the ‘Markets Charter’.

Becoming a stallholder at the 100 Park Markets is a simple process, simply fill out an application, and the Market Manager will be in contact with you within 7 business days.

Some of the more common questions about becoming a stallholder are answered is our FAQ’s section.  Stallholder Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Applications welcome any time.

Applicant Details

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About Your Product or Service

Makers & Artisans - For example, someone who creates physical things with their hands that encompasses traditional handmade things.  Arts, Crafts, Woodwork, Gifts, Toys, Homewares, Baked, Preserved, Packaged To Eat Goods, Health & Beauty.

Producer - Fruit & Vegetable Grower, Plants & Flowers.

'Penny Lane' - Pre-loved, Vintage Style, Retro Fashion, Clothing and Accessories.

Bric-A-Brac - Old, Pretty, Curious, Knick Knacks.

Sustainable Slow Fashion & Accessories - The alternative to fast fashion, and promotes a slower, more sustainable approach.  It supports buying vintage or second hand clothes, redesigning old clothes, shopping from smaller producers, and buying quality garments with a longer life span.

Food Vendor - Commercial and not-for-profit food vendors.  Stallholder who uses power or heat to prepare food/drinks/snacks on site; combines two or more ingredients on site; or utlises any motorised or towed vehicle to produce orserve food/drinks/snacks on site.

Community Group - A group who works for the benefit of the public.  Not-For-Profit.

Performer - Performances must demonstrate a unique activity which might include dance, a form of martial arts, vocal performance, or other theatrical display.

Please upload images:


Stallholder Booking and Fees

Failure to pay the 'Site Fee' and/or 'Insurance Fee' prior to the commencement of the booked market day will result in cancellation of the stallholder application.

Food Handling Licences

Food vendors must hold a Queensland Mobile Food Licence, a Home Kitchen Food Licence or a Temporary Food Licence.  All Licences must be current and displayed at the Market.

For more information on Food Licences, please contact Mareeba Shire Council by calling 1300 308 461 or email to info@msc.qld.gov.au.


Public and Products Liability Insurance

All stallholders must provide evidence of adequate Public and Products Liability insurance by:

  • Providing a current ‘Certificate of Currency’ for Public and Products Liability Insurance of at least $20,000,000 with Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc (100 Park Markets) listed as an interested or associated party; or

  • Requesting to be included in the 100 Park Market's Public and Products Liability insurance.  A contribution of $15 per stall is required to assist with funding this insurance policy.

  • All stallholders are responsible for any personal accident to themselves, their employees, volunteers, contractors or agents whilst on site.

Note: incomplete or non-compliant Application Forms may result in an unsuccessful application.


The $15 per stall will be invoiced at the same time as the booking contract and is due before the commencement of the next scheduled market day.

Important  All commercial businesses must have own cover as we cannot provide cover to businesses.  We cannot provide cover through LCIS for stallholders providing the following services/products:

  • Goods imported by the stallholderJumping castles, inflatable slides, trampolines, amusement rides

  • Live animals

  • Child minding activities

  • Photo booths

  • Toys

  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes, electronic vaping devices, electronic nicotine delivery systems or similar smoking apparatus

  • Sale of alcohol

  • Amusement rides/devices – mechanical, powered or animal

  • Bicycles, Skateboards, in line skates, roller skates, scooters and associated protective equipment

  • Inflatable pools, life jackets, floating devices and other floating aids;

  • Protective or safety equipment and/or clothing, eyewear and life preservation products

  • Second hand electrical items & tools

  • Automotive parts/accessories of any nature (including motor cycles)

  • Sporting goods/equipment;

  • Swords, Spears, Bows, Crossbows, Firearms, ammunition or weapons of any kind

  • Knives, not including chef/kitchen knives or garden pruning equipment

  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics or explosives

  • Sale of flammable, dangerous and/or hazardous chemicals, petrochemicals, pool chemicals and flammable liquids with a flash point below 23°C

  • Sale of animals

  • Sale of animal feed, pet food or pet food supplements (Not including pet treats for domestic animals)

  • Vaporisers and humidifiers

  • Treatment risks including massage, acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and natural therapies

  • Nutraceuticals or cosmetics

  • Any medical device or alternative therapy medical device including any massage device

  • Detergents and/or soaps (including natural) manufactured by Insured

  • Candles of any description and including the burning or heating by flame of oils/essences (excluding incense sticks)

  • Vitamins, minerals, herbals and other health supplements (other than food)

  • Children’s toys, cubby houses, swings, slides, playground equipment or climbing equipment

  • Baby/Infant clothing/children’s clothing

Application Outcome

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within 7 business days, noting that the Organiser will not enter into correspondence regarding a refused application.  Applications may be refused if:

  • The Organiser determines that a more diverse mix of stalls is required.  For example, if there are several stalls selling one type of product/food, it may be necessary to refuse an application to allow approved stallholders more opportunity for sales.

  • The application is to sell products and services that do not comply with the category and criteria set out in the Stallholders Terms and Conditions.

  • The Organiser determines that the application is from a stallholder that will not contribute to the objectives of the 100 Park Markets.

Terms and Conditions

Stallholder applications are approved in accordance with the following 'Terms and Conditions':


Please note that failure to comply with these terms and conditions may resultin stall closure and exclusion from the 100 Park Markets.

In the event of exclusion, any resulting costs will be entirely the responsibility of the stallholder.

Applicant Agreement

By submitting thisApplication I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the 'Terms and Conditions'.

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Further Information

Please address all enquiries via info@100parkmarkets.com.au or by phoning the Market Manager on 07 4223 1214.


Each party will ensure that its dealings with Personal Information acquired from the other party in connection with this Arrangement:

(a)  conform with its statutory obligations under the Privacy Laws;

(b)  to the extent that different Privacy Laws apply to each Party, conform with the statutory obligations applicable to the   otherparty as ifthey were binding upon it; and

(c)  your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given us permission or we are required by law.